Genius Bot EA – Get Profit +1,066.22%. | Part 1 | Free Expert Advisor

Genius Bot EA –  Get Profit +1,066.22%. | Part 1 | Free Expert Advisor

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Genius Bot EA :

The profit that has been achieved from the Genius Bot EA is +1,066.22%.
with an estimated monthly income of 33.34%.

Forex trading is now easier by using expert advisors. You only need to run a forex expert advisor on a vps. in this video I will share another free expert advisor.

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In this video I will discuss.
1. Genius Bot information from the official website and
2. How Genius Bot works.
3. Parameter details.
4. Recommended capital, pair and time frame for Genius Bot.

1. Genius Bot information from the official website and
The expert advisor that I will share this time is a genius bot. It is said from the official website that genius bot trading accuracy can reach 98%. with an average daily profit of 1.5% to 3%.
I will see other information from the official website.
I think the information is not very detailed.
for more details I will turn to the website.
yes, real trading profit information generated is +1,066.22%. with an estimated monthly income of 33.34%.
trading starts from august 2021 to april 2022.
with a total of 511 transactions.
The average profit generated is 57.19 pips and the average loss is -7.80 pips.
The pair that is run here is also quite a lot. you can just see here. from the pair AUD/USD, BTC/eur, BTC/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD and gold there is also XAU/USD.
and from all pairs the profit rate is from 90% to 100%.
Please specify which pair you want to run from this reference.
Next, analyze the profit every month.
you can see here, the monthly profit is above 25% for 2022.
and for 2021 the biggest monthly profit ever reached 51.12% in November.
Unfortunately, I can’t find drawdown information here.
There are 5 genius bot information from the website. the average profit is above 25% as well.
This forex expert advisor works optimally from 2 pm to 12 noon. with the highest profit at 4 am to 9 am.
from this information you can also conclude at what time your expert advisor wants to be set.
from the second information on we get information that the expert advisor will start from the end of January 2022. and get a profit above 25% from February 2022.

OK, for further reference you can watch this video.

How to Backtest With Tickstory :

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