Why Almost ALL Forex Robots FAIL – And What To Do About It

Why Almost ALL Forex Robots FAIL – And What To Do About It

The reality is that most forex robot or expert advisors will ultimately fail. I’m going to explain the math behind these EAs and show you why almost all forex robots will fail, and what you can do about it to keep your account safe.

I’ve been trading with EAs and Forex robots for over 6 years, and I’ve found out what works and what doesn’t. The vast majority of these systems are built on dollar cost averaging strategies, but there are other ways that you can use to build a more successful forex trading strategy.

0:00 Intro
0:53 Why EAs don’t work
2:52 Dollar Cost Averaging systems
4:34 What’s the solution to DCA systems?
5:44 Why not trade trend-following robots?
6:52 Trading changing market conditions
8:13 Using leaderboards to track success rates
10:17 Curve fitting on backtests

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